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When you realize your dental checkup is just days away, do you get a gut-wrenching feeling in your stomach? Do you start to sweat while you imagine an evil dentist pulling out all of your teeth with giant, rusty pliers? If so, we are here to help you feel more comfortable in the dental chair! First, our dentist is not evil. Second, our dentist will not pull all of your teeth out with giant, rusty pliers. And third, we can help you abolish your dental fears if you do the following things:

• Bring someone you love and trust to your appointment with you. If you do so, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed in the hands on the dentist because your loved one will be right next to you throughout your entire treatment. It is also recommended that your family member or friend does not fear the dental office as well.

• Bring music with you. If you listen to music while you receive dental treatment, especially new music that you are not familiar with, you will focus more on the music than on the dentist and your oral cavity.

• Use relaxation techniques to help you relax during your appointment. If you control your breathing by taking deep breaths, holding them, and letting them out slowly, your heart rate will slow and you will feel more relaxed.

• Talk to your dentist about a code word or signal that means “stop.” This code word or signal can be a simple gesture, like raising your hand or making a unique noise. If you establish a signal, your dentist will know when to stop and when to give you a break.

• Talk to your dentist about sedation dentistry. There are many dental sedatives that can help you feel more comfortable at our office, including oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation. However, only qualified dentists can provide IV sedation.

Call our office today if you would like to learn more about eliminating your fears of the dentist. We look forward to working with you and helping you have a positive dental experience!