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If you have recently acquired braces, or have had oral surgery and your mouth is tender and sore, you will want to take extra care while your mouth is healing. There are foods and drinks to avoid while recovering, foods to choose, and ways to make them suitable during this time.

If you have a blender or food processor in your kitchen repertoire, you are ahead of the game, because these tools can make your job so much easier. You will want to make your food smaller to make it easier for your mouth to chew. It can help to use a small spoon, possibly even a baby spoon to make sure you are taking smaller portions. Cooking food until it is soft and tender is also helpful, and if it is dry, it can be moistened by adding a sauce, gravy or butter.

Foods to Avoid:
–Crunchy raw vegetables like celery and carrots
–Rough, dry foods like granola, or toast and crackers
–Spicy or salty foods
–Tomatoes or tomato juice or other acidic food like oranges, grapefruits, lemons or limes

Foods to Eat:
–Macaroni and cheese
–Mashed potatoes and noodles
–Pureed meats or vegetables
–Applesauce and bananas
–Puddings and gelatin
–Scrambled eggs
–Yogurt and cottage cheese
–Oatmeal and other cooked cereal
–Milkshakes and smoothies

Staying well hydrated is also key to a healthy recovery. Saliva prevents tooth decay by neutralizing bacteria acids in the mouth. It limits the growth of bacteria and helps to wash away food particles. Water is the easiest way to stay hydrated as it doesn’t add bacteria so you can sip it constantly throughout the day. You can also drink unsweetened drinks like herbal teas, club soda and milk. If your mouth is sore you can try rinsing with warm water.

We hope this helps your journey to recovery. At Powell Boulevard Dental we are here to help you be your healthiest. If you have any questions give us a call at 503-235-7181 today!