Powell Boulevard Dental is thrilled to be your home of dental care! Dr. Denise M. Walthour looks forward to helping you reach your oral health goals and giving you a reason to smile.

We are proud to provide general and family dentistry in Portland, Oregon, to give you the best oral health possible, but in order to do so, we also need your help. We strongly recommend coming into our practice every six months for a professional dental cleaning. During these appointments, we will perform specific techniques that eliminate the risks associated with periodontal disease and we will also replace the minerals in your teeth that they need to survive. These are very important appointments that will help you have a strong, healthy, and successful oral cavity. We also strongly recommend participating in a daily oral hygiene routine at home. If you do this, your teeth and gums will be cleaned every day and your mouth will have the ability to fight off bacteria, infection, and decay.

If you experience a dental emergency, we ask that you call our office as soon as you can. Your dentist is prepared to help you in every situation, and she asks that you come in and see her as soon as possible to restore your oral health. If you cannot come in and see her right away, please see another doctor as soon as you can.

If you would like to know how we can help you achieve your oral health goals, call our office today!