Do you wish to restore your tooth’s shape, size, and strength? If so, Dr. Denise M. Walthour is happy to grant your wish by offering dental crowns at Powell Boulevard Dental!

A dental crown in Portland, Oregon, is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the entire visible portion of the tooth. It is often used to help those who need to:

  • Protect a weak tooth
  • Hold a dental bridge in place
  • Restore a broken tooth
  • Disguise a discolored tooth
  • Support a tooth with a large filling
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Make a cosmetic alteration

The process of placing the dental crown requires two visits to our office. The first visit will involve your dentist numbing the tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic. When the mouth is numb, she will shave the surfaces of the tooth to allow room for the crown. Your dentist will then make impressions of the tooth and will send them to a dental lab where your crown will be created. You will be given a temporary crown between your first and second visits to provide the functionality you need while you wait for the crown. During your second visit, your dentist will check and adjust the crown to your bite and smile. Once she finds the perfect fit, the crown will be permanently cemented into place.

Is a dental crown something you can benefit from? Call our office now to find out!