Dr. Denise M. Walthour takes gum disease and periodontal disease very seriously at Powell Boulevard Dental, and we do whatever we can to prevent it. However, sometimes it is too late and the disease takes over the oral cavity, and we are proud to offer periodontal care in Portland, Oregon, for those who need it.

Gum disease forms when you fail to attend your dental cleanings every six months. When this happens, the plaque that resides on your teeth continues to grow and begins to irritate the gums. Your gums will then bleed every time you brush your teeth and you will also have consistent bad breath. If you continue to ignore the condition, the plaque will continue to harm your mouth. At this point, your gums will recede and move away from your teeth, which will make your teeth look longer than natural. Then, the plaque will release poisons and toxins into your gums and underlying bone. The toxins will then eat away the bone, which will make your teeth become loose and eventually make them fall out of your mouth.

We never want you to suffer from this disease, but if you are indeed suffering, we ask that you come in to see your dentist right away and take advantage of our periodontal care. We look forward to helping you!