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Dentures, also known as “fake teeth,” are a great way to restore a set of teeth if lost to accident or gum disease. In fact, dentures have been a popular form of restoration for over a decade. Yet, surprisingly, there are many lesser-known facts about dentures, which is why our dentist, Dr. Denise M. Walthour with Powell Boulevard Dental in Portland, Oregon, is happy to share this list with you about dentures:

– To easily clean your dentures, slowly and safely remove them and store them in a liquid denture solution.
– To prevent your dentures from drying out and cracking, always store them in a liquid solution when not in use.
– To ensure your bite force remains solid across your dental profile, visit your dentist for denture prosthetics.
– If you ever suffer any damage to your dentures, never try to fix them yourself. Instead, bring them to your dentist for repairs.
– Bleach and teeth whiteners should not be used on dentures, as they will lead to dental abrasion.
– To restore hindrances lost by missing teeth, use reliable prosthetics such as dentures.
– Dentures can be shaped and designed for your exact oral health care needs.

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