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If you’re not giving your toothbrush the appropriate care, it may not be functioning as you need it to. Even if you are struggling to brush your teeth with appropriate cleaning tools, you could be suffering from various oral health risks associated with doing so. Furthermore, caring for your toothbrush is essential so that contamination does not occur or that you are not merely just moving around bacteria in your mouth rather than fully eradicating it.

An effective cleaning routine depends on making sure the utensils you are using are safe for use. Always use brushes that have soft bristles and can clean out the entirety of your mouth. If your brush cannot easily reach the teeth in the back of your mouth, you’ll need to switch to a better brush with a larger brush head. Also, make sure that your brush remains clean and does not end up contaminated

To effectively brush out your mouth, use a 45-degree angle and soft, gentle strokes to clean your teeth, gums and your tongue. Often times, individuals forget to clean their tongues, so you won’t need to do that with your brush or tongue scraper. For brushing your front teeth, you may need to turn your brush vertical. However, your brush can only go so far for cleaning out your mouth, so you need to make sure that you use and employ effective interdental cleaning tools as well as a healthy diet so that your mouth is not constantly bombarded with new bacteria and food particles.

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