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You are probably aware that genetics impact practically every part of you, including the color of your eyes, your overall appearance, and your height. However, have you heard that your teeth and gums could also be impacted by your genetics?

Unfortunately, this leaves some individual more susceptible to cavities than others, even if they care for their mouth just as well. Your genetics also impact the size and shape of your pearly whites, which could also affect how you should clean your smile. Some people are also more susceptible to gum disease and a number of less common dental problems.

However, genetics might not be the sole cause of your tooth decay, cavities, or other dental issues. Regardless of your genetics, you will want to take care of your smile if you’re hoping to prevent gum disease, cavities, and other complications. As you may already know, you should brush your teeth twice every day, but are you aware that you should brush for two minutes every time? You should also remember to floss daily to clean the areas you can’t clean with your toothbrush. And finally, please contact us for routine cleanings and exams. We also recommend the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet and using mouthwash regularly in your smile care routine. 

And finally, please contact us for routine cleanings and exams and maintain a healthy diet for a healthy smile.  If you are interested in learning more about how genetics can impact your smile in Portland, Oregon, please contact our Powell Boulevard Dental team at 503-235-7181. Our dentist, Dr. Denise M. Walthour is always happy to help you keep your smile healthy and strong!