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There are several types of sedation that your dentist can administer for various levels of discomfort and pain relief. The most recognized is nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas. Depending on the situation and complexity of the surgery, you may also be given anything from a localized shot in the area of operation to deep sedation that involves being put to sleep.

One of the lesser types of sedation that leaves the patient completely awake and aware involves taking a medication by mouth before the procedure. In some cases, a pill may be taken the evening before coming into the dental office, and possibly another an hour prior to the appointment. This kind of sedation is specifically for relaxation and patients who benefit most from this type have higher levels of anxiety.

With this kind of sedation, the patient will be fully awake during the procedure, but may not remember much that went on after it has worn off. Some dentists may want to monitor your heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure while you are under this sedation, while others may not. It all depends upon the dentist’s evaluation of the risk factors for each individual patient.

Afterwards, you may feel sleepy so it is recommended that you get a ride home from the dental office. Plan with a friend or family member well ahead of time. The sleepiness effect will dissipate by the following day as the drug wears off.

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